_Earth reality has been moving from the Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimension since the early 1960s with an ever increasing acceleration.  This has manifested in the outer and inner worlds creating an alteration of how you perceive time, an increase in 'other worldly' experiences, a re-focusing on spirituality with an emphasis on the discovery of the authentic Self, a destruction of the old structures, forms and ways of relating to the world.

_Starting at the Winter Solstice of 2011, you have entered into the in-between world as you move from the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension.  While you pass through this transition, many earth changes are being experienced as well as the collapse of man-made forms and systems - manifesting as social chaos, psychic and physical wars and ever-increasing Earth changes.  There is a great division between those who are attempting to hold the old world together and those who are way-showers into the transformed reality.  Two can stand side-by-side living in a totally different reality.

Many of the spiritual traditions and predictions are converging.  There is massive support, both in this world and in other realities, for each person to lift the distortional veils in consciousness and awaken to their True Identity.  The question to explore is, "Who are you and why are you here?"

This is not a time for hesitation or holding back your true Self.  This is not a time to for looking to others above yourself for your own truth or direction in life.  You are a unique expression of the Oneness.  No one else is able to play your part in this grand unfolding.  It is time to release karmic relationships and embrace divinely led interactions with others.  Move away from abuse,  struggle and fear - move toward exaltation and ease.

Your own Divine Spirit is always leading you on your personal journey through distortions and pain into truth and love.  When you encounter egoic/painful patterns in consciousness, look to your own Spirit for guidance in letting the veils lift.  When guided to do so, open to others for assistance.  However each personal is uniquely capable of releasing distortions through your body in service to your own evolution and that of everyone else.  Above all, follow your own Higher Self moment by moment.

There are powerful forces attempting to block the way for their own survival in the form of people, institutions and dark forces.  The death of the old world is necessary for the birth of what is now in the birth canal being propelled by the unstoppable Force of Evolution.  It is important to come together with others of like-values in co-creative pods; to join in creating fertile ground for personal and global awakening and transformation.

The shift in the world is happening and it will continue to have painful aspects as the old world dies.  In the face of this, it is becoming increasingly important to take care of the different aspects of yourself - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Meditate, pray, eat wisely, be clear about who you are and serve where you are called to serve.  Become aware of and open your heart to all of life - plants, minerals, animals, air, water, earth and stars.  Sense and see the energy that is pulsing through everything.  It is encoded in the DNA of this reality to live in peace and happiness, to support and to serve, to love and to be loved.

Blessings on your journey - we are with you celebrating the Grand Awakening!



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    We call our co-creative group, Team Now.  We are the founders of Awake to Oneness with a spiritual event center located in McMinnville, OR.  Be sure to let us know if you would like to be on that list to receive info on our ongoing activities.

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    Vishara is the author of The Joining, based on a true story of spiritual journey & discovery with her partner, Qua.

    Vishara is also the channel for Zantron who visits us for the purpose of supporting the Awakening on the planet and in individuals.  You can find Zantron on Youtube by visiting Awake2oneness channel.
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    Qua is a facilitator for groups based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle among others.

    With his strong background in meditation and a life-long fascination for spiritual growth, he offers stimulation that can point you toward peace and awareness of your True Identity - the Absolute expressing Itself into multiple dimensions of relative existence.
    The Joining
    The Joining Testimonials:

    "Sometimes what brings people together is bigger than both of them.  The Joining tells the story of two people who, through the greater universe, are drawn together an find that their something bigger than them and a greater reason for them joining together.  Vishara draws from the metaphysical, stating the novel is based on the true story, making The Joining something to be considered by those interested in the genre."
    ~  Midwest Book Review

    "Vishara and Qua's wonderful story focuses on the spiritual journey of two mentors in the evolution of human consciousness.  Captivating in its telling, they share an insight into a new way to bring that very few have experienced.  I eagerly await their next book."
      ~ Heather Mendel, author of 'Dancing in the Footsteps of Eve'

    "The Joining is a powerful story, beautifully told, with many layers to unfold.  I am most taken with the conscious intention which informs the choices made.  This narrative reminds me that the spiritual journey is always about awareness of truth and a willingness to claim self-responsibility."
    ~Cheryl Trine, author of
    The New Akashic Records

    "Immersed in clarity, you become clear"

    Ted Cutler interviews those who have had oneness/enlightenment experiences and then shares the videos on this site. 
    His mission is to establish a library of pure, clear wisdom and share it with all.


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Awake to Oneness is dedicated the evolutionary, spiritual awakening happening right now - through Zantron teachings, The Joining, channeling, Vishara and Qua Veda, a soul mate relationship from beyond time.