Recently, I have engaged in an online Evolutionary Journey with a group named, Integral Enlightenment.  It has been enormously validating that the path of accelerated Awakening is being shared by so many people across the planet (1,200 peo./ 20+ countries in this course alone!).

The Force of Evolution is unstoppable and resides in all of us all of the time.  It is an enormous part of who we are.  It is the part of us that is never ending, timeless - the spark from which we created All That Is.  It cannot be understood with the mind, however it can easily be felt pulling and pushing us on our path toward higher orders of Love, Wisdom, Joy, Holiness, Oneness.

At this time in Evolution, we have an opportunity to deeply align with this force - to surrender our life to following its impulse guiding us to a mass awakening and a new reality on Earth.

To some this may sound like an esoteric concept with no real value in day-to-day living.  Certainly the ego will attempt to argue for that limited thought.  That said, I dare you to join me in living a life that is totally identified with this impulse (Evolution/Spirit) and to follow it without hesitation.

To some, you may be asking how to do that?  It is not as difficult as it may sound.  The most important step is an authentic desire to live a spiritual life expression.  In this timing, there are numerous opportunities to explore ways to relate to life as primarily Spiritual - to surrender your human-ness to this force beyond the ego that has dominated the world.

One opportunity is that I will be starting a group at Inner Oasis in McMinnville toward the end of August for women who are interested in joining me on this journey (contact me if you are interested).  We will include men at a later date, however I've been directed from within to start with women.
There are online groups offered through Shift Network and many others. 

The Time to Awaken is Now!

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    We call our co-creative group, Team Now.  We are the founders of Awake to Oneness with a spiritual event center located in McMinnville, OR.  Be sure to let us know if you would like to be on that list to receive info on our ongoing activities.

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    Vishara is the author of The Joining, based on a true story of spiritual journey & discovery with her partner, Qua.

    Vishara is also the channel for Zantron who visits us for the purpose of supporting the Awakening on the planet and in individuals.  You can find Zantron on Youtube by visiting Awake2oneness channel.
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    Qua is a facilitator for groups based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle among others.

    With his strong background in meditation and a life-long fascination for spiritual growth, he offers stimulation that can point you toward peace and awareness of your True Identity - the Absolute expressing Itself into multiple dimensions of relative existence.
    The Joining
    The Joining Testimonials:

    "Sometimes what brings people together is bigger than both of them.  The Joining tells the story of two people who, through the greater universe, are drawn together an find that their something bigger than them and a greater reason for them joining together.  Vishara draws from the metaphysical, stating the novel is based on the true story, making The Joining something to be considered by those interested in the genre."
    ~  Midwest Book Review

    "Vishara and Qua's wonderful story focuses on the spiritual journey of two mentors in the evolution of human consciousness.  Captivating in its telling, they share an insight into a new way to bring that very few have experienced.  I eagerly await their next book."
      ~ Heather Mendel, author of 'Dancing in the Footsteps of Eve'

    "The Joining is a powerful story, beautifully told, with many layers to unfold.  I am most taken with the conscious intention which informs the choices made.  This narrative reminds me that the spiritual journey is always about awareness of truth and a willingness to claim self-responsibility."
    ~Cheryl Trine, author of
    The New Akashic Records

    "Immersed in clarity, you become clear"

    Ted Cutler interviews those who have had oneness/enlightenment experiences and then shares the videos on this site. 
    His mission is to establish a library of pure, clear wisdom and share it with all.


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Awake to Oneness is dedicated the evolutionary, spiritual awakening happening right now - through Zantron teachings, The Joining, channeling, Vishara and Qua Veda, a soul mate relationship from beyond time.