The profound nature of this time in evolution is truly beyond words.  There is nothing in the outer world of forms with any substance.  Our bodies are trained to rely on the outer world and our beliefs in the story of who we are separate from everyone else to provide a sense of self and stability.  All of that is losing its solidity - our reality is wobbling at it's core with no hope for returning to the way things once were perceived.  No hope to continue believing in the world as it has been.

For some of us, this new Awakening has been seen and felt for many years; we've observed it moving forward at a gradual pace.. There is a tendency for the mind to think this excelleration is a passing phase.  That everything will return to a version of the way it has always been.  We lived through the year 2000 and nothing dire happened; some of us lived through the Harmonic Convergence & other spiritual openings/experiences with exciting shifts but not anything that deeply upset the 'norm' of our daily life.  That said, right now it is pretty hard to ignore there is a massive acceleration that is happening in every aspect of our world - earth changes, politics, war, economics, religion, family values, personal challenges.  Simultaneously millions of people are awakening from the dream of separation, new technologies are expressing through different spiritual masters, there is a quickening deep inside calling us forth to fully express our Divine nature and serve in this truly amazing time.

Another way of describing our world is that the 'old world' is dying and a 'new world' is being birth at the same time.  This 'new world' is not another version of the 'old world'.  Barbara Marx-Hubbard describes what is happening as being like a caterpillar emerging from the chrysalis as a butterfly. 

We have experienced 2012 as a year of developing in the chrysalis - living in the mystery of what is happening/shifting our identity.  The year 2013 promises to be an acceleration of outer world shifts & inner world awakening - pods of people coming together - new ways of co-existing with our world - change, change, change!

Our assignment, as way-showers, is to focus on and serve in the birth and release the fears that arise from the death that is happening all around us.  To live a surrendered Spiritual life, trusting that the Universe (One Verse) is in perfect order and supporting you and yours toward the highest possibility in every moment.

We are honored to be with you on this journey home,
Vishara, Qua & Aurora


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    We call our co-creative group, Team Now.  We are the founders of Awake to Oneness with a spiritual event center located in McMinnville, OR.  Be sure to let us know if you would like to be on that list to receive info on our ongoing activities.

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    Vishara is the author of The Joining, based on a true story of spiritual journey & discovery with her partner, Qua.

    Vishara is also the channel for Zantron who visits us for the purpose of supporting the Awakening on the planet and in individuals.  You can find Zantron on Youtube by visiting Awake2oneness channel.
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    Qua is a facilitator for groups based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle among others.

    With his strong background in meditation and a life-long fascination for spiritual growth, he offers stimulation that can point you toward peace and awareness of your True Identity - the Absolute expressing Itself into multiple dimensions of relative existence.
    The Joining
    The Joining Testimonials:

    "Sometimes what brings people together is bigger than both of them.  The Joining tells the story of two people who, through the greater universe, are drawn together an find that their something bigger than them and a greater reason for them joining together.  Vishara draws from the metaphysical, stating the novel is based on the true story, making The Joining something to be considered by those interested in the genre."
    ~  Midwest Book Review

    "Vishara and Qua's wonderful story focuses on the spiritual journey of two mentors in the evolution of human consciousness.  Captivating in its telling, they share an insight into a new way to bring that very few have experienced.  I eagerly await their next book."
      ~ Heather Mendel, author of 'Dancing in the Footsteps of Eve'

    "The Joining is a powerful story, beautifully told, with many layers to unfold.  I am most taken with the conscious intention which informs the choices made.  This narrative reminds me that the spiritual journey is always about awareness of truth and a willingness to claim self-responsibility."
    ~Cheryl Trine, author of
    The New Akashic Records

    "Immersed in clarity, you become clear"

    Ted Cutler interviews those who have had oneness/enlightenment experiences and then shares the videos on this site. 
    His mission is to establish a library of pure, clear wisdom and share it with all.


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Awake to Oneness is dedicated the evolutionary, spiritual awakening happening right now - through Zantron teachings, The Joining, channeling, Vishara and Qua Veda, a soul mate relationship from beyond time.