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The profound nature of this time in evolution is truly beyond words.  There is nothing in the outer world of forms with any substance.  Our bodies are trained to rely on the outer world and our beliefs in the story of who we are separate from everyone else to provide a sense of self and stability.  All of that is losing its solidity - our reality is wobbling at it's core with no hope for returning to the way things once were perceived.  No hope to continue believing in the world as it has been.

For some of us, this new Awakening has been seen and felt for many years; we've observed it moving forward at a gradual pace.. There is a tendency for the mind to think this excelleration is a passing phase.  That everything will return to a version of the way it has always been.  We lived through the year 2000 and nothing dire happened; some of us lived through the Harmonic Convergence & other spiritual openings/experiences with exciting shifts but not anything that deeply upset the 'norm' of our daily life.  That said, right now it is pretty hard to ignore there is a massive acceleration that is happening in every aspect of our world - earth changes, politics, war, economics, religion, family values, personal challenges.  Simultaneously millions of people are awakening from the dream of separation, new technologies are expressing through different spiritual masters, there is a quickening deep inside calling us forth to fully express our Divine nature and serve in this truly amazing time.

Another way of describing our world is that the 'old world' is dying and a 'new world' is being birth at the same time.  This 'new world' is not another version of the 'old world'.  Barbara Marx-Hubbard describes what is happening as being like a caterpillar emerging from the chrysalis as a butterfly. 

We have experienced 2012 as a year of developing in the chrysalis - living in the mystery of what is happening/shifting our identity.  The year 2013 promises to be an acceleration of outer world shifts & inner world awakening - pods of people coming together - new ways of co-existing with our world - change, change, change!

Our assignment, as way-showers, is to focus on and serve in the birth and release the fears that arise from the death that is happening all around us.  To live a surrendered Spiritual life, trusting that the Universe (One Verse) is in perfect order and supporting you and yours toward the highest possibility in every moment.

We are honored to be with you on this journey home,
Vishara, Qua & Aurora

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_Earth reality has been moving from the Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimension since the early 1960s with an ever increasing acceleration.  This has manifested in the outer and inner worlds creating an alteration of how you perceive time, an increase in 'other worldly' experiences, a re-focusing on spirituality with an emphasis on the discovery of the authentic Self, a destruction of the old structures, forms and ways of relating to the world.

_Starting at the Winter Solstice of 2011, you have entered into the in-between world as you move from the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension.  While you pass through this transition, many earth changes are being experienced as well as the collapse of man-made forms and systems - manifesting as social chaos, psychic and physical wars and ever-increasing Earth changes.  There is a great division between those who are attempting to hold the old world together and those who are way-showers into the transformed reality.  Two can stand side-by-side living in a totally different reality.

Many of the spiritual traditions and predictions are converging.  There is massive support, both in this world and in other realities, for each person to lift the distortional veils in consciousness and awaken to their True Identity.  The question to explore is, "Who are you and why are you here?"

This is not a time for hesitation or holding back your true Self.  This is not a time to for looking to others above yourself for your own truth or direction in life.  You are a unique expression of the Oneness.  No one else is able to play your part in this grand unfolding.  It is time to release karmic relationships and embrace divinely led interactions with others.  Move away from abuse,  struggle and fear - move toward exaltation and ease.

Your own Divine Spirit is always leading you on your personal journey through distortions and pain into truth and love.  When you encounter egoic/painful patterns in consciousness, look to your own Spirit for guidance in letting the veils lift.  When guided to do so, open to others for assistance.  However each personal is uniquely capable of releasing distortions through your body in service to your own evolution and that of everyone else.  Above all, follow your own Higher Self moment by moment.

There are powerful forces attempting to block the way for their own survival in the form of people, institutions and dark forces.  The death of the old world is necessary for the birth of what is now in the birth canal being propelled by the unstoppable Force of Evolution.  It is important to come together with others of like-values in co-creative pods; to join in creating fertile ground for personal and global awakening and transformation.

The shift in the world is happening and it will continue to have painful aspects as the old world dies.  In the face of this, it is becoming increasingly important to take care of the different aspects of yourself - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Meditate, pray, eat wisely, be clear about who you are and serve where you are called to serve.  Become aware of and open your heart to all of life - plants, minerals, animals, air, water, earth and stars.  Sense and see the energy that is pulsing through everything.  It is encoded in the DNA of this reality to live in peace and happiness, to support and to serve, to love and to be loved.

Blessings on your journey - we are with you celebrating the Grand Awakening!


<![CDATA[11/11/11 to 12/12/12]]>Sun, 06 Nov 2011 18:32:48 GMThttp://awake2oneness.com/blog/111111-to-121212
photo by Lucy Pringle

The Solstice on December 21, 2012 - precisely at 11:11 a.m. - marks the completion of 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar.

What does this mean to us? 

According to the Mayan and Hopi predictions this is the end of a World Age.  Some describe it as an 'Apocalypse' - in Greek means "lifting of the veil" or "revelation".  It is the disclosure of something that has been hidden.  All indications from these predictions are that there will be a quantum leap into something new and unknown.  This next year is the amplification of a transition time (in-between two realities) and can be experienced as tension of opposites, the play of contracted forces of fear and the expansive forces of possibilities that seek to be empowered by living a co-creative, authentic life.

What an amazing time to be in a body!  Together we are in a great initiation process, living in times of unprecedented challenge yet with unprecedented support energetically to expand spiritually into our True Identity - that of Spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies.  A new energetic frequency is literally being born within our bodies - metaphorically like a flower emerging out of the crack of a huge boulder or the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

It does not require psychic powers to see that the world around us is crumbling while great transformation is happening simultaneously - from new science, new economic models, new healing modalities, new energy technologies, new educational models, co-creative teams joining together, etc.

Releasing Fear:

With the tension of opposites - one reality dying while another is emerging - the ego is having a very fear-based reaction, seeking to create a false power by attempting to manipulate and control personal circumstances in order to remain 'safe' and maintain a personal identity based on the past.

This is a time to consciously choose to embrace and live in the possibilities.  A time to focus on what is emerging and surrender what has been.  It is a time to look inside for direction.  We are not heading on a path that the mind can take us.  The mind is only able to know what has been.  The way forward into the mystery of what is hidden is only available from Spirit - Inner Knowing - that small voice that speaks when we have ears to listen.

"The Kingdom of God is inside of you...it is you who are the sons of the living Father...  If you bring forth that which is within you, what you have brought forth will save you."
            ~  The Gospel of Thomas

Sending love & blessings from the heart,


<![CDATA[Who Are You?]]>Sun, 09 Oct 2011 01:15:39 GMThttp://awake2oneness.com/blog/who-are-youThese quotes from Zantron (who channels through Vishara) are intended to reach a place that recognizes the frequency of evolution - the awakening - and stimulates your Authentic Self to be deeply activated.

"Open your eyes to the miracles of life happening in every moment all around you.  See what is really happening beyond your limited small self.  All that is necessary to experience peace is to know that separation is an illusion.

On a cellular level you remember that you are a part of a great unity, the Oneness.
Who you perceive yourself to be creates your illusion of separation from the Oneness.  As your Self knowledge evolves you become enlightened.  Your life is the story of an awakening spiritual being in a human body.  You are that which you seek.

In this reality you have been taught to prepared for the worst instead of opening to the glory of each profound moment as it unfolds.  Allow the truth of your magnificence rise up through the veils of the dream.  You are not alone!"
      ~ Zantron
<![CDATA[Reclaiming the Feminine]]>Thu, 18 Aug 2011 17:31:28 GMThttp://awake2oneness.com/blog/reclaiming-the-feminineMany of the most accomplished women in the world are still experiencing a deep yearning for something more.  It is not always enough to be successful in the outer world even when your success is in a field that is in alignment with your higher calling.  It is not always enough to have fulfilling personal relationships or beauty or excellent health.  For those women who have created an abundant life, they know that often there is a place deep inside that feels unfulfilled and a sense that there is a greater potential waiting to be discovered.

The patriarchal system of power in which we all have learned to exist teaches ways to master life in a predictable and controlled manner.  Using the masculine aspect has allowed us to accomplish career goals, schooling and get some or many of the things we want in the outer world of expression.  While there is a level of joy in these accomplishments, the feminine impulse has a very different agenda and value system.

It is not that the feminine is better than the masculine.  The reason we are being asked to bring it forth is because it is what is missing for balance in this reality.  In my knowing, it is primarily in the hands of those of us in female bodies to answer the call for this re-awakening and to discover what it is to live life from a balanced feminine frequency.  At this time in evolution, there is a deep yearning to shift from a way of creating that is outer world focused and radically self-sufficient to one that is co-creative and magnetic from within.

The feminine aspect in all of us is nurturing, inclusive and relationship oriented.  Acting comes from listening to an inner voice before moving forward.  The feminine has a deep awareness of being a part of and supported by the entire Universe.  There is an authentic desire to care for others vs. just fulfilling our own needs as well as a longing to be transparent, open and to serve all of creation.

The path to reclaiming this power and authentic self starts with a truthful look at the ways in which we have adjusted our self-image to mirror the masculine.  In many cases, this takes a co-creative effort from two or more people who can assist in discovering these veils in consciousness.  They have become so close in our awareness, that it is often hard to see them until they are pointed out by a spiritual supporter.

It is time for us to feel seen and supported in our relationships - to come out of hiding and stand fully in our greatest potential - to experience a profound sense of belonging and service - to be way-showers into the new world being birthed at this time!
<![CDATA[The Force of Evolution]]>Mon, 18 Jul 2011 17:08:54 GMThttp://awake2oneness.com/blog/the-force-of-evolutionRecently, I have engaged in an online Evolutionary Journey with a group named, Integral Enlightenment.  It has been enormously validating that the path of accelerated Awakening is being shared by so many people across the planet (1,200 peo./ 20+ countries in this course alone!).

The Force of Evolution is unstoppable and resides in all of us all of the time.  It is an enormous part of who we are.  It is the part of us that is never ending, timeless - the spark from which we created All That Is.  It cannot be understood with the mind, however it can easily be felt pulling and pushing us on our path toward higher orders of Love, Wisdom, Joy, Holiness, Oneness.

At this time in Evolution, we have an opportunity to deeply align with this force - to surrender our life to following its impulse guiding us to a mass awakening and a new reality on Earth.

To some this may sound like an esoteric concept with no real value in day-to-day living.  Certainly the ego will attempt to argue for that limited thought.  That said, I dare you to join me in living a life that is totally identified with this impulse (Evolution/Spirit) and to follow it without hesitation.

To some, you may be asking how to do that?  It is not as difficult as it may sound.  The most important step is an authentic desire to live a spiritual life expression.  In this timing, there are numerous opportunities to explore ways to relate to life as primarily Spiritual - to surrender your human-ness to this force beyond the ego that has dominated the world.

One opportunity is that I will be starting a group at Inner Oasis in McMinnville toward the end of August for women who are interested in joining me on this journey (contact me if you are interested).  We will include men at a later date, however I've been directed from within to start with women.
There are online groups offered through Shift Network and many others. 

The Time to Awaken is Now!
<![CDATA[Evolution Beyond Ego-Driven Realities]]>Wed, 29 Jun 2011 13:53:39 GMThttp://awake2oneness.com/blog/evolution-beyond-ego-driven-realitiesWe are honored to have you join us as we come together in support of a dramatic shift in consciousness around the world.  A new reality is so near that it can be felt by many people.

The evidence is all around us.  The veils of separation are lifting.  The old world is losing its hold on us collectively.  As in all birth there is discomfort, however the end result is more than worth the price.

There is a new spiritual impulse to fully engage in life from an enlightened reality-base - not just for ourselves but for the whole matrix of humanity.  It is a 'Clarion Call' to come into greater alignment with the force of evolution as we surrender into a higher order of relationship to life.

At the same time, this reality is embedded with collective patterns and values that are deeply asleep.  Some of us are separating ourselves as way-showers into a new order of being human, with totally different values, behavior and pictures-of-reality.  By embracing this evolutionary impulse, by identifying ourselves and others on a deeper, spiritual level, we are literally birthing the New World.

Are you one of us who is destined to align your life with something higher and truer that is calling from within?  Are you ready to surrender into the mystery of that which is unfolding by offering your unique expression in support of this awakening?  Are you finally ready to become free from identifying with the ego mind. 

This is not an easy path - it takes a willingness to be authentic and release attachments on a grand scale.  Ahhh - but the end result is well worth it!
<![CDATA[Enlightenment is an inside job.]]>Wed, 29 Jun 2011 12:49:02 GMThttp://awake2oneness.com/blog/first-postWe live in a world with embedded structures in consciousness that are deeply asleep.  The collective consciousness, at this time in evolution, is still operating as if a shift in the outer world will achieve the peace and freedom we seek.  Many people believe if they do the right things; if they get enough stuff; if they give up enough stuff; if they master principles or find the right spiritual practice or resolve all of their unconscious issues - it will give them the path into Self.  In my knowing, none of this will get the results we are yearning to experience.

It is time to take a step into a totally new order of being human that is calling to us - it is Divinity seeking to become manifested on Earth through our participation and surrender.  It is asking that we consciously align with the flow allowing the Universe to express uniquely through each of us.  It is asking that we identify ourselves as primarily Spiritual Beings - to embrace the deeper truth of who we are.

From that identity, you automatically shift your behavior and beliefs and are gracefully led to 'right action'.  We become less fascinating with pain & suffering or our small human story/identity.  It becomes apparent that we are here to serve and exalt the nature of others - that we are holding a particular frequency that supports the entire matrix of humanity to awaken.  It is a radical re-alignment at our very core - facing life from a new direction.  It is a recognition of the unwavering perfection of the Universe in every moment exactly as it is.

This is not to imply that suddenly we become 'other worldly' and no longer experience doubt or pain.  Rather, we hold those aspect of ourselves in the loving arms of our true identity.  We become liberated from ego driven actions and reactions because we now identify with the Divine within everyone - while having a vivid human experience.

The ego doubts all of this, calling it impractical, an illusion, not possible to achieve.  Doubting that it is safe for life to be experienced as perfect as it is.  Most people will give into these beliefs - however some are ready to step out of the illusion of separation into a animated, engaged Self beyond Ego - no longer resisting change with a willingness to face whatever is there to face or surrender to in order to put our authentic Self back in the forefront of our lives.

Those of you who share this calling know that it is not without challenges.  However, this is a time in evolution where the process can go quickly through joining together in relationships and communities that express and embody this higher Self.  People dedicated to the path of evolution above all else!

If you are one of us - please add your voice to this conversation.  We look forward to feeling and experiencing your unique expression and supporting you on your journey.