Many of the most accomplished women in the world are still experiencing a deep yearning for something more.  It is not always enough to be successful in the outer world even when your success is in a field that is in alignment with your higher calling.  It is not always enough to have fulfilling personal relationships or beauty or excellent health.  For those women who have created an abundant life, they know that often there is a place deep inside that feels unfulfilled and a sense that there is a greater potential waiting to be discovered.

The patriarchal system of power in which we all have learned to exist teaches ways to master life in a predictable and controlled manner.  Using the masculine aspect has allowed us to accomplish career goals, schooling and get some or many of the things we want in the outer world of expression.  While there is a level of joy in these accomplishments, the feminine impulse has a very different agenda and value system.

It is not that the feminine is better than the masculine.  The reason we are being asked to bring it forth is because it is what is missing for balance in this reality.  In my knowing, it is primarily in the hands of those of us in female bodies to answer the call for this re-awakening and to discover what it is to live life from a balanced feminine frequency.  At this time in evolution, there is a deep yearning to shift from a way of creating that is outer world focused and radically self-sufficient to one that is co-creative and magnetic from within.

The feminine aspect in all of us is nurturing, inclusive and relationship oriented.  Acting comes from listening to an inner voice before moving forward.  The feminine has a deep awareness of being a part of and supported by the entire Universe.  There is an authentic desire to care for others vs. just fulfilling our own needs as well as a longing to be transparent, open and to serve all of creation.

The path to reclaiming this power and authentic self starts with a truthful look at the ways in which we have adjusted our self-image to mirror the masculine.  In many cases, this takes a co-creative effort from two or more people who can assist in discovering these veils in consciousness.  They have become so close in our awareness, that it is often hard to see them until they are pointed out by a spiritual supporter.

It is time for us to feel seen and supported in our relationships - to come out of hiding and stand fully in our greatest potential - to experience a profound sense of belonging and service - to be way-showers into the new world being birthed at this time!


Barbara Millikan
08/18/2011 1:02pm

The work-around for me in bypassing the patriarchal reason based system is to use any of my intuitive systems that bypass the reasoning/intellect. Hands are one. Any act of creating that comes directly from the "unconscious" also works -- singing/chanting, movement, ecstatic dance, touch, massage, ; I'm sure there are many more. -- What is that dance form where people move together spontaneously?-- contact improv? Whatever feeds the *knowing* in me -- the part of me that just knows things as opposed to the thinking, working it out part. Anything that allows me to go down and in and become still and connected. Usually not talking.

Blythe Eastman
08/19/2011 6:48am

Yin, feminine...
there is an aspect of valuing
the process
as much as
or more than
the goal.
Goal implies end point, win/lose,
From becoming
To being
We are

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12/21/2016 1:10am

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12/22/2016 12:08am

Relationships definitely leave deep impact on our personality and on our mind as well. However, we should know that we are the ones whom could make us or break us.

01/01/2017 2:39pm

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01/08/2017 9:03pm

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